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What's the story?

We all know this issue: The amount of information that is available (or not) is simply overwhelming. So regardless of whether you are too busy or can’t find freely available and suitable sources, getting the right data to make smart business decisions is hard. At Shoto, it is our goal to unlock this data for you and to enable you to run and build successful businesses! We made it our mission to deliver you what’s trending in the business and tech world in the most concise way possible. With our Startup News, anyone can find inspirational startup and market insights, which otherwise would be accessible through paid subscriptions only.

Who are we?

Shoto has been founded by Babak & Simon, who believe that the current media landscape is overcrowded with unmeaningful information. Both are passionate entrepreneurs, who love to build amazing products. Further, given their strong backgrounds in management consulting & private equity they really like to dig into large amounts of data to find the golden nuggets of information that can make a difference.

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